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    We offer a high quality PCB, FPC prototyping, quantity fabrication and assembly service at unbeatable price.

>High Quality    Our PCB manufacturing is ISO9002 certified and our PCB assembly and electronic hardware manufacturing is ISO9001 certified.

>Low Price   We have a definitely low price. For prototyping, you can get 3 pieces of high quality double-sided boards even with silkscreen and solder masks for only$49 using our Standard Board service. We have a compititive price for quantity fabrication too. let's send a email to our sales for a quotation.

>Better Service  Our sales and customer service team are always ready to meet your needs. Any of your questions will be answered within 1 workday.  What is more, all orders from SinfoPCB can be tracked on this web site so that you can easily know what is going on with your order.

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