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     Ordinary Prototyping Service aims at those needs within our process capability, however Standard Board Service cannot meet.

Manufacturing Specs of Rigid PCB

  • Layers: 1 ~ 12 
  • Material type: FR4
  • Board thinckness:0.016"-0.078"(0.4mm-2.0mm) for double sided boards(Send email for thinckness information of boards in other layers)
  • Size: less than 21.25"x29.13"(540mmx 740mm)(Notice: Extra charge $30SingleDesignInOneBoard/$60MultiDesignInOneBoard will be take for big board any dimension of which exceeds 10" or total area exceeds 45 sq.in. .)
  • Copper thickness:1oz, 2oz
  • Min Trace/Space: 6 mil (0.15 mm)
  • Min finished hole size:12mil (0.3mm)
  • Surface finish: HASL, OSP, immersion gold, gold plating, gold finger
  • Silk color: White, Black, Yellow
  • Solder Mask: Green, Yellow, Bloack, Blue, Red.White
  • Multiple designs on a single board: permit , free V-cut (Notice: Extra charge $15 for every addtional design will be take for over 3 designs merged in one single board)
  • Lead time: 5, 7, 10workdays options

  Note: Values in red is the standard value, you can use them to calculate costs for your boards from the following table. Standard board thinckness for single/double sided boards is 0.062"(1.6mm)



     Our pricing formula for the boards with standard value option is: SetupFee +
(UnitPriceForPerSquareInch x NumberOfBoardsx AreaInSquareInches)+ Postage

Single sided

Double sided




Setup Fee






Unit Price for Per Square Inch






  eg: If you have 3 pieces of 3"x6“double sided board corresponding to our standard value for prototyping, the cost should be:    $49+(0.27x3x3x6)+postage=$63.58+postage


    Any of our customer can get a discount for the orders which total fabrication area exceeds 60 sq.in. Our fabrication formular for those orders is:
SetupFee + (UnitPriceForPerSquareInch x NumberOfBoards x AreaInSquareInches) - QuantityDiscount + Postage

Postage:We offer DHL/UPS/EMS/Hongkong Post for prototyping boards post. Your detailed address with postal code is needed for inquiring postage.

Pricing and manufacturing specifications are subject to change without
notice. Please check these pages for current information.

  Copyright © 2007, Sinfo PCB