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  Sinfo PCB always try to meet your needs with a high quality and economical option.


  • Standard Board Service

    Our Standard Board Service is very good for most single/double-sided PCB prototyping. Only $49 + Postage needed to pay for 6 pieces of single-sided boards or 3 pieces of double-sided boards.

  • Ordinary Prototyping Service

    The Standard Board Service can not meet all your needs? The Ordinary Prototyping Service is not expensive too. $49+($0.27 x NumberOfBoards x BoardAreaInSquareInches) + Postage will be the total cost for a HASL double-sided board prototyping. Please send mail to us with your requirements to get a quotation.

>Quantity Fabrication

     Quantity discount offered by sinfoPCB for orders which total fabrication area over 60 sq.in. ! High quality is also guaranteed! Members and senior members of sinfoPCB even can get more discount. Let's   send  mail  to get a quotation.  

>Assembly Service  

Available for over 50,000 pins orders
Both Through-Hole Assembly and Surface Mount Assembly service offered
Smallest components can handle: 0201
Steel solder stencil fee: $50
Soldering price:  $8/ per 1000 pins
Discount for large quantity
Sample soldering: $20(for those do not offer soldering sample to us) .  


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